Grassroots leyning belongs to everyone, not just the professionals

One of the unique features of the Grassroots community is that each year we create an entire community together.

Nowhere is this more true than with regards to the torah readings. For many communities, it’s considered the preserve of the professional torah reader. At Grassroots, the torah reading is a part of the service that belongs to everyone.
26 people, 14 women and 12 men, volunteered to leyn last year, 15 of whom did it for the first time. Several of them afterwards said it was the most amazing part of their Grassroots experience.

We want you to take part in this tradition. Whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned reader, you’re invited to join our team of leyners for this year’s line up.

The torah readings for the High Holidays are brief, no more than 4-7 sentences. So if you’ve never done it before it’s is a great place to start. Our goal is to enable everyone to take part.
To facilitate the learning process, we’ve created an archive of recordings, which may be found here: Individual coaching is also available.
If you want to take part, please select one of the torah portions at and email your preference to
Your contribution will enrich your own High Holiday experience, as well as the experience of the whole community.

Much love from Grassroots

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