The Basics:

There is a kiddush provided mid-service to keep us all going, and a communal ‘bring a dish pot-luck’ lunch at 2pm when services end!

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Please *carefully* read the information below.

As many of you who have attended Grassroots events before will know, our beautiful community will be organizing and creating Lunch, for both days of Rosh Hashana, via a “Potluck” system.

As a community we will *together* provide all the yummy food & drink that will nourish us over Chag!

Because there are simply so many of us, we do need a little bit more direction than normal to ensure that we don’t simply end up with 3000 pots houmous!

Thus, we have divided up the roles according to the first letter of our first names. [Eg Julia Cohen will be “J”.]

Please note that there are different roles for each of us for each of the days.

(bar letters L, M & P for practical purposes).

This may mean that you may be asked to bring e.g. a salad for the first day and then e.g. drinks for the second day.

If you are only attending lunch on one day, simply bring with the food/ drink according to that specific day’s requests. Don’t worry about the other day that you’re not attending!

Do ensure that the food is either strictly vegetarian or supervised kosher. Wine does not have to be kosher, although it would be appreciated if it could be.

If your food ALSO happens to be either lactose or gluten free, then please label it as such– our lactose/gluten intolerant friends will be forever grateful!–

**PLEASE CLEARLY LABEL**your food with one of the following:

  • “1st day Kiddush”
  • “1st day Lunch”
  • “2nd day Kiddush”
  • “2nd day Lunch”

Otherwise we won’t know how to divide up the enormous amounts of food!

Any questions at all, feel free to call Bronya on 07507825988.

Check out the table below to see what we’d like you to bring with:


Day 1 (Thursday)

Day 2 (Friday)

Proper Main Coursese.g lasagna, curry &rice, tofu, stir fry, quorn, pie, veggie cholent, lots roast veggies, quiche, gratin.(NOT couscous or bulghar wheat- these are salads!)




Saladse.g. bean salad, potato salad, couscous salad, lentil salad etc


F,G,H, K, N

Deserte.g. cake, crumble, fruit salad, meringues, ice cream, mousse.



ChallahEach “P” to bring 4 large challahs per meal.Any problems with this, call Bronya



Dipse.g humous, guacamole etc3-4 pots each please.

N, T, V


Soft Drinks







Day 1 (Thursday)

Day 2 (Friday)



S- guys!


C &E



S- girls!




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