Elul Art and Brain Day Program

The Art and Brain Day runs from 11am ’til 5pm

(We might go crazy and have a good ol’ dance as an afterparty for an hour or so!)

Let us know you’re attending on the facebook event page!


An Artist’s heaven! But please note:  YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE AN ARTIST TO LOVE OUR ART DAY.

We have tonnes of materials to play around with and create art for our space. Come and have some new-fashioned good-hearted fun!

Rutie Borthwick our Artist in Residence will be teaching some techniques (tie-dye, paper cutting, crocheting) no prior artistic skill necessary! We’d love as many people as possible to make some links in our massive crocheted mechitza…

[tie-dye workshop (11.30am), paper cuttings workshop (12.45pm),  crochet workshop through the day and  general art creation advice if desired!!]

Sara Wolfistz is making ‘alternative rosh hashana cards’ (bring any cuttings etc. – although we’ll have material for you too!).

3.15-4.45 Charlie Kane “Elul: Unlocking the Soul”

[Looking at how we judge and forgive ourselves, using mask making, visualisation and other creative arts techniques. No arts experience necessary, just an open heart. (1 ½ hr – closed space).]


11.30-12.30 Benedict Roth:  “Dancing through Yom Kippur”

[Yom Kippur is a day for dancing just as much as for fasting.  Find out why.]

11.30-12.30 Harry Marin: “‘A blessing, a blessing!’ vs. ‘Who threw that? No one, gets to stone anything, until I say so’: A brief history of the Priestly caste and how to ‘duchen’.

12.45-1.45 Lucy Newman and Alon Freiberger: “Buber, Heschel & Aish Kodesh: Approaches by great modern Jewish thinkers for accessing spirituality in the contemporary era.”

[A discussion based session using key modern Jewish texts about overcoming banality in our age.]

12.45-1.45 Yehuda Apter:  “Existentialism, Teshuva & Desire: New Age fun with a vintage feel”

[This somewhat comprehensive  presentation (questions welcome!) reveals halachic, midrashic and kabbalistic approaches to teshuva (repentance?) through key biblical, midrashic, Talmudic and medieval sources.  Come if you like text!]

2.00-4.00 Rabbi Judith Rosen Berry:  “reading levinas/reading talmud: ‘what is good?’”

[No knowledge of Levinas, Talmud or anything really required for this session]

4.00-5.00 Daniel Lichman: “Turning Days into a Journey”

[Through learning, sharing and visualisation exercises this session will explore how Elul and the High Holy Days can be used as a powerful personal journey of growth and discovery.]


12.45-3.15 Daniel Kingsley: Refresh and renew for Rosh Hashana with a craniosacral session!

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle yet powerful touch-based holistic therapy that supports the body in returning towards its healthiest and most natural state. It relieves stress, tension, neck and back issues and can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions that typically can’t be treated with conventional medicine. Sessions take place fully clothed and most people experience cranio sessions as very relaxing.

Daniel Kingsley is a craniosacral therapist who has a regular practice on Mondays at Moishe House. As part of the Grassroots Elul Art Day, Daniel is offering you the opportunity to try craniosacral therapy and experience the deep relaxation and healing that it can offer.

He is offering “taster” half hour sessions at the discounted rate of £25 and full-length hour long sessions for the discounted rate of £50. Details of Daniel’s work can be found at his website www.reconnectohealth.co.uk – Sessions will be available on the day and can also be prebooked as of now.

To find out more or to book your session call Daniel on 07958 655 406.

*Please note* Daniel is offering his services in a professional capacity, so do bring some money if you’d like one of his phenomenal sessions!


Michael Grant will be picking up your service skills and making you feel confident in the various roles possible! Michael will be showing how to perform hagbaha (lifting of the torah) and providing advice for being a Gabbai (service overseer).

Harry Marin will be teaching some of the tunes we’ll be singing over the high holidays so you recognise the music instead of trying to learn it on the day! One of the best ways to feel part of the community and ensure you enjoy the day – know the tunes!

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