Grassroots Elul ‘Art and Brain’ Camp Sunday September 18th

Elul is the Hebrew month preceding the High Holidays. It is a time dedicated to preparing ourselves for the upcoming Big Days. Come to our Elul day so that when we hit Rosh Hashana you feel ready instead of bewildered. Guaranteed to enhance your Grassroots experience or I’m wrong.

Grassroots Art Camp:

Create our space. Rutie Borthwick, Rachel Marcus and Alli Ziontz  will be coordinating this day of creation, decoration and adornment for the Grassroots temporary home in Moishe House. Come and crochet a part of our new trichitza with Rutie and help make beautiful things to make our space beautiful. Laura Wolfitz will be making ‘alternative’ Rosh Hashana cards with anyone who is tired of the usual crappy stuff you can get.

Grassroots Elul Learning:

Program of talks, shiurim and lectures by the best in the business. More of the high quality approachable learning that Grassroots hosts. Speakers include: Rabbi Judith Rosen Berry, Benedict Roth, Daniel Lichman, Prof. Vic Seidler. Subjects range from Talmudic insights into fasting to understanding Rosh Hashana through the lens of submissive/dominant sexuality.

Full program to be published nearer the date!

More info on Facebook here. 

Do it.

(As ever, email us for the exact address at

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