Leyning – Reclaiming the ancient tradition: learn a few sentences at our communal leyning mashup

This year at Grassroots again we thought it would be lovely if — instead of outsourcing the leyning to someone — we all do the leyning together – we divide it up and give people the opportunity to leyn a very small section. We have divided up the leyning into 4 to 7 sentence chunks, so you only have a very small bit to learn. We have made recordings which you can download to help you learn it.

Please contact daniel@reisel.net if you’d like to leyn and he will give you a slot!

Grassroots is about many things. We all have our reasons for wanting to be part of growing and nurturing this amazing event. For many it is about engagement, about taking ownership, about reclaiming the intimacy and the joy of the tradition.
Nowhere is this more true than with regard to the High Holiday Torah readings. This year we will continue our tradition of reclaiming the tradition of having each person who is called up to the Torah read their portion.
How will I find the time?
The Torah readings for the High Holidays are brief, usually no more than 4-7 sentences in Hebrew. So if you’ve never leyned before, this is a great way in. A few minutes of practice a day over the last week or so would be sufficient to master it, even if you’ve never leyned before.
But I don’t know how to leyn?
To enable as many people as possible to do this, we have created a great archive of recordings. Listen to it online, download it to your smart phone, sing along with it a few times and then try to do it yourself. You can find the recordings here: http://www.carlebachminyan.org/yomtov.php

How can I chose a portion?
If you want to take part in the Torah reading at this year’s Grassroots, if you want to engage with the tradition in the most intimate and rewarding way, select one of the aliyot at http://www.carlebachminyan.org/leyning.html and email your preference to leyning@carlebachminyan.org. New this year is that we have a one-to-one mentoring scheme. If you want someone to help you learn, you will receive a personal tutor. This year, everyone is invited to partake in reclaiming our most ancient tradition, grassroots style.

The Grassroots Team

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