Letters from 2009 (our first year!)

Some people wrote us some lovely emails …
Geoffrey P emailed: “With a community like yours I really feel our future is in safe hands and it was a privilege to be there. I found the experience spiritual, positive, inspiring, thoughtful and rewarding.  I think that the decorum was excellent – and it was good to see so many people of varying knowledge levels being given an opportunity, indeed encouraged, to join in and try new stuff. I think this puts many traditional services to shame. “

Alon F emailed: “It’s best described by recounting what my friend just said to me as I saw him on Golders Green Road. He asked me how the minyan went and I was literally speechless for about two minutes, after which he said “Wow, your eyes have that intensity.. I haven’t seen that from you in ages” (He and I were room-mates throughout our Yeshiva experience). Thank you so much for putting on such a fabulous service, and if you have become at all accustomed to having such services, let me – as a newbie – tell you that they are simply incredible and highly inspirational to be a part of. The thing that really struck me about today though, beyond the service, was the people who comprised it. To meet engaged, genuine Jews with such tolerance was somewhat of a mini-revelation for me!”

Bronya G emailed: “Kol ha’kavod on what was without a doubt the most jubilant and welcoming Yom Kippur I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. You created something very, very special indeed and I’m very grateful!”

Dear Grassroots, I wanted to write to thank you for all of your hard work to create what can only be said to be the most wonderful and special Rosh Hashanah I have ever spent in this country. The only other new year to come close was when I spent it in Jerusalem! Your attention to detail and care to ensure that everyone was made welcome and feel involved in the service was so beautifully done. You have managed to create an entire community from scratch. That is no small achievement and one which you should all be proud. I am very much looking forward to spending Yom Kippur with you all. Special thanks to Gaby and her parents for being such wonderful hosts and giving up so much to share with us all. With love and grateful thanks, Robert