shOfar so GooD (g-D)

Rosh Hashana images by Elliot Tucker…


hey Man Y is it gut to listen 2 shofar?
txt me bak ok>
yeh man
whr r u??
im in exile
where is dat?
dunno. its craP
why u dere
blow de shofar
why? ;0
wot cn a shofar do?

cos de Jooz in eXile.
wanderin Jewz, wonderin NoMadikaL
… the Jew who cnt rember the root baK hom.  ?:0
da jw who is mayBe losT,
maybe unfolfiLed, cHaOtik<sOul
or maybe just waitin… 😦

u wot??

di Jewz…
who waitz 4 de wurd..
of d’ultimat Cre8tor,
da seKret cod-e  >>
dat markz di call
2 rise up,
& Burn>blaze atrail thru sh>Adows.
Everyfin dat is enDured
is the process of Form8tion,
of lurnin & understandin.

finale, ven dawn bre8Ks
tacHeles is sky
sUn sHynin
mANna & all dat stuF
the oPpresHUN is re-moved
& da exiled is redeemed anew

u kNow

…wiv da world along wiv it.

oK. alL dAt from a ShoFar

yea Mun, iTz di SounD of Lighte


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