Zoe Jankel on why I’m involved with Grassroots Rosh and Yom

Being barely religious and rarely interested in matters of the spirit, I’m not an obvious contender for involvement in something such as Grassroots Jews. Some of my non-Jewish friends identify me as a cultural Jew and it is true that I mainly avoid synagogue and on the rare occasion I am obliged to go, I will sit, hiding my paperback inside a Siddur, studiously ignoring the prayers around me…

However for the past 10 years or so I’ve participated both actively and passively in a number of informal Jewish organisations, most of which concentrate on the evolution of Judaism into a practice relevant to our lives today. For me this is not just a cultural affiliation – it is definitely a connection to the religious practice –one that is not synagogue-based but is fluid and changing and more in line with the world outside the walls of prayer.

I think that one of the most interesting aspects of Judaism is its endless capacity for, and history of, commentary and questioning. GRJ fits perfectly into this historical line: it is commentary in action.I hope to see many of you in services next weekend and the week after, and that it is a positive and stimulating experience for all.

Zoe xx

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