Opening hearts and homes


Wooo, the month of Ellul is upon us.

Several of us have just come back from Limmudfest, a magical weekend of learning and inspiration in the stunning Peak District. As I was out running one morning, I heard the call of the shofar from the encampment down in the valley below and thought: how important it is to take care of both ruchniut (spirituality) and gashmiut (physicality) at the same time.

On that note, I am moved, excited and not a little humbled by the response I’ve had to two requests I’ve made this week: firstly, the eager readiness with which my rather traditional father agreed to teach me to leyn my very first haftarah; and the open-hearted generosity of those who have come forward to offer accommodation to people who are coming from further afield.

We want to nourish and support both your souls and your selves. We’re currently working hard to ensure that anyone who wants to join us has somewhere to rest their weary but happy heads, and somewhere to refuel and restore their hungry but energised bodies.

If you live within walking distance of our beautiful venues in NW3 and can offer bed/sofa/floorspace at all, and/or have room at your table, do get in touch.

with love,


(together with Jemma, Ethan and the hospitality team)

PS: Oh, and do get your ticket now – did I mention Ellul is upon us?

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